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Installing septic

For us, work is an excuse to care for people.

At Pelican Excavating, we love big construction projects and we love people. To most people, we do septic system installation and excavation work. But for us, what we really do goes even deeper than our foundation digs… we ease the pain of stressful construction projects. That means how we go about our work is just as important as what we do. So we’ve put together a team that’s willing to go the extra mile to lead the way in excellent craftsmanship and radical customer empathy. 

As our company grows, we’re looking for humble, teachable and hardworking individuals to join us. As a key member of our team, you’ll be empowered to make decisions and take ownership of your role, your wins and even your mistakes. You’ll join a supportive workplace where you’ll be challenged to face each day with enthusiasm and never stop learning and growing. Together we can make the construction process enjoyable for everyone involved.


The perks of working at Pelican. 

Earn money icon

Earn a good living.

Competitive wages and overtime hours are available.

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Grow in your career.

This is more than a temporary job. With defined career paths, you’ll have clear direction on how you can grow and enjoy a long-term career with Pelican.

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Access training support.

Get assistance towards earning your BCIN certification.

Health badge

Keep yourself and your family healthy.

Full health benefits are available to full-time employees.

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Save for the future.

We’re happy to enroll every team member into a matching RRSP program.

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Stay safe and look sharp.

Each employee is provided with a full uniform and yearly boot allowance.

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Have fun outside of work.

From regular team-building breakfasts to the anticipated yearly golf tournament, we like to take time to have fun.


Hear from the team.

“Tyler assured me that the team knew what they were doing and his price was right! And he was right. Very happy with his guys. Real gentlemen and hard workers, looking out for the customer over profit.”

“Every day the guys would discuss their plans for the day and didn’t mind explaining the process to me so I could understand. They took their time to ensure I was satisfied each day.”

“All encompassing. Had all the major trades I needed.”

Team Values

Because craftsmanship is about more than just 'craft.'


People matter to us more than profit, so we always look to care for our clients by empathizing with them. We understand that many call us in the middle of an urgent and expensive situation while others are under pressure to manage a range of expectations, logistics and relationships. So we ask questions to understand what the process is like for them. We don’t jump to conclusions. We respond calmly to complaints. We’re patient. We look for simple ways to ease the pain of the process. Knowing that the smallest things often make the biggest difference. When we put ourselves in their shoes, we can better care for them during the process. And that’s really what matters most.


Our clients trust us with their homes and properties. It’s a big responsibility that we take seriously. To steward it well, each team member commits to taking ownership of their roles. We show up on time, ready to work. And beyond just getting through the day, we take pride in what we do, bringing energy and enthusiasm to every site, every day. Most importantly, we never give anyone a reason to doubt our reliability. We do what we say we’re going to do, and more. We have the courage to admit our mistakes and the humility to go back and make them right. And we keep growing because we’re never content with the status quo. So we learn and stretch ourselves so we can carry our responsibilities with excellence.


In our line of work, surprises are never a good thing. Especially for our clients. Many are already dreading what might happen next. While we know the ins and outs of the task ahead, we understand that they usually don’t. But we can bring a lot of calm to the process, simply by keeping them in the loop. So we communicate proactively. This means providing clear and upfront pricing, and assuring them there are no hidden fees down the road. And if someone has a question, we always stop what we’re doing to make sure we’re on the same page. Because when we are, the process goes better and feels better – for everyone.


We do tough work, often in tough conditions and up against tight timelines. When demands are this high, we have to work together. This means we aren’t afraid to ask questions when we don’t understand. It means when mistakes are made we pull together instead of pointing fingers. It also means we communicate openly and respectfully with other trades and contractors. We go the extra mile to leave our site in the best possible condition for the work that will come after us. We commit to being a team that others enjoy working with so we can look forward to more projects together down the road.

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About Pelican Excavating

Making the construction process enjoyable for everyone involved.

At Pelican, we believe there’s a better way to experience construction — with less mess, less confusion and less frustration. Whether you’re replacing your septic system or building a new home, there’s already enough on your plate. You need an excavation partner who understands what’s at stake and can make your life easier. It’s time for a new experience with a team that’s simply dependable.

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